Buster Puzzles is committed to giving back and will dedicate a share of profits to causes important to us. Our first cause is the treatment of developmental speech and language disorders for children. Our personal experiences of loving and caring for a child with apraxia (CAS) have led us to the support of  this cause. Profits from the sales of Buster Puzzles with in part pay for professional speech therapy for a child in need. We hope to offer a “scholarship for services” to a child or children indefinitely. The impact of childhood speech disorders is often complicated by access to professional services. Receiving frequent speech therapy, early intervention and consistent support is essential to children affected with these disorders and unfortunately many services are not covered by insurance and can be prohibitively expensive.

We encourage those who are interested in learning more about this cause to explore our Links: – ASHA American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all. – Apraxia Kids: Comprehensive website for information on childhood apraxia of speech and children’s speech and language topics.