January 02, 2021 1 min read



Did you know doing puzzles is good for you? Focusing on completing a puzzle helps people relax and be present, taking us outside ourselves and our worries. Like meditation and mindfulness practices, doing puzzles is soothing, stress relief. While peacefully assembling a jigsaw puzzle your heart rate goes down, blood pressure lowers and anxiety melts away.

There’s a reason completing a puzzle makes people feel accomplished. Jigsaw puzzles engage both the logical part of the brain and the creative side. While you rationally are figuring out fitting pieces together you also envision the bigger picture of the completed puzzle. Neuroscience explains the 

problem-solving, pattern seeking human brain benefits from doing puzzles as a way to build and maintain neuroplasticity. Puzzles improve your visual-spatial reasoning, mental speed and short-term memory.

Puzzles can be about bringing a sense of togetherness and working towards a common goal. Using puzzles as a social event uniquely connects people without even needing to talk. Have you ever noticed the allure of a puzzle? People rarely pass a puzzle in progress without stopping to see what’s happening or offering to help. Doing puzzles fosters a sense of community and accomplishment without stress.

At Buster Puzzles we’re on board with the trend of looking after your mental health as one component of living a healthy life.  Doing puzzles positively impacts mental health as a meditation tool and stress reliever.

Benefits of Puzzles:

  • Stress Relief
  • Better Visual-Spatial Reasoning
  • Improved Memory
  • Greater Attention to Detail
  • Increased Problem-Solving Ability
  • Brain Exercise
  • Better Collaboration and Teamwork