About Us

We created Buster Puzzles with the hopes of producing quality, screen-free entertainment to be shared with family and friends. During the lockdowns of March 2020, many of us found ourselves with more time at home and there are only so many shows to stream, newsfeeds to read and social media to peruse before we crave a different kind of escape. Lifelong puzzle lovers, we sought out puzzles that were challenging, engaging and satisfying. We chose to make wooden jigsaw puzzles incorporating whimsy pieces for their uniquely engrossing quality.

Buster Puzzles made the decision to support original art and use new art designs for each puzzle. After creating an inspired new piece of art, our artist hand designs unique whimsy pieces and irregular shapes to make beautiful and challenging puzzles. Our design team is based in Colorado, U.S.A. and each puzzle is truly a labor of love.

We use precision lasers to print our art images and to cut our jigsaw puzzles. The laser cutting allows for detailed puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly despite the variety of shapes. The back of each puzzle is painted a uniform black as the lasers can leave burn marks on the wood.

Buster Puzzles are made of high-quality birch plywood, a material we’ve found to be very durable and unlikely to warp. Our laser printed images are designed to avoid glare during puzzle assembly.

Originally jigsaw puzzles were created by someone painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood and then cutting the picture into small pieces. With the commercialization of puzzles came the widespread practice of making puzzles from cardboard. Buster Puzzles returns to the use of wood with its’ superior tactile qualities and durability.

While jigsaw puzzles are not a new invention, all puzzles are not created equal. We aim to provide high-quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles, using original artwork and durable materials. Our puzzles are crafted with the idea of lasting through many assemblies, hopefully passed from friends and family members for years.

Buster Puzzles strives to create a product aligned with the values of quality, community and freedom of expression.