August 08, 2022 2 min read

Solving a jigsaw puzzle can do wonders for your brain. It is an activity that is considered a great way to pass the time. Puzzles have been around for centuries and have existed in various forms in the ancient world. The idea of solving a mystery, a puzzle, is something that has intrigued a lot of people. Jigsaw puzzles are a way to enjoy that excitement and sense of accomplishment in the comfort of your home.

Jigsaw puzzles started as a way to impart knowledge and soon became a form of popular puzzle liked by all age groups. Nowadays, you can find various beautiful puzzles out there that not only adds to the fun but also brings various benefits to your brain. Let us look at some of the surprising ways solving beautiful puzzles benefits your brain.

#1- Challenges both sides of your brain

Both hemispheres of the brain, the cognitive and creative side, are involved when working on the puzzle. As a result, solving a jigsaw puzzle is considered a great workout for the brain.

#2- Improve brain power

Solving a puzzle is known to improve your brain power as it works on your visual and spatial reasoning and also improves your problem-solving skills. Solving a puzzle generally requires complete focus and involves various skills. Regularly taking part in such activities tend to enhance those skills resulting in a sharper mind and increased IQ.

#3- Lower stress level and enhanced mood

Stress and foul mood can significantly affect your health and cloud your judgment. Solving a jigsaw puzzle with your friends and family accounts for a great time and an escape from day-to-day stress. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment after the completion of the project enhances the mood.

#4- Prevent diseases like Alzheimer

Solving puzzles can do wonders for your brain. When you work on your puzzle, it works on the connection between the brain cells. It results in the improvement of short-term memory. There have been studies that indicate that indulging in activities that work on the connection between the brain cells can prevent diseases like Alzheimer's. Even Alzheimer's patients can be asked to solve jigsaw puzzles to prevent further damage to the brain.


Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to boost the capabilities of your brain. Check out some of the popular puzzlesand challenge your brain. Enhance your problem-solving abilities with some of our best jigsaw puzzles available exclusively on the buster puzzle online store.